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::: About me

Observing… informing… researching… patterns, details, the macro, scale, lines, colour, texture, touch, the smell of cut wood, blue cedar, oak burrs, antiques, old books, pencils, illustrations, adobe illustrator, typography, émigré, letterpress, metal letters, screen printing, urban, industrial buildings, rusty poles, architecture, nature, deep respect for nature, activism, information, design, art, craft…

My work is inspired by ‘graphic’ forms, natural and man-made, I modify or even mutate the things I see, and create new contexts for them so they take on a new life, and new perceived meanings for the wearer. I enjoy seeing the narrative organically unfold and the influence that different materials have on the new forms.

Creating a dialogue between my practice as a graphic designer and new practice as a contemporary jeweller the strong, graphic narrative to my work is playful and looks to communicate and engage through message, material choice, form and composition.

The computer as well as hand drawing play a key role in my creative process, as does the use of mixed media with a particular preference for wood and its derivatives. An important part of my practice is ethically sensitive production choices and sourcing of materials.



::: Exhibitions

SIERAAD 2012: International Jewellery Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1 - 4 November 2012

Gallery of Art: Ritual, Legnica Jewellery Festival, Poland.
May - June 2012

Schmuck 2012: Suspended. Studio Gabi Green, Munich, Germany.
14 - 20 March 2012

Schmuck 2012: Jewellery Show by Galerie Biro, Maxilians Forum, Munich, Germany.
14 March 2012

Goldsmiths 'Getting Started' 2012: Private View, Goldsmiths Hall, London, UK.
26 January 2012

The Hub: National Centre for Craft & Design, Lincolnshire, UK.
October - December 2011

Gallery of Art: Silver Schools, Legnica Jewellery Festival, Poland.
May - June 2011

New Ashgate Gallery: Winter Contemporary Craft Collection. Surrey, UK.
November 2010 - January 2011

Smiths Row Art Gallery: Green Christmas. Suffolk, UK.
November - December 2010

The Cass Gallery: Pioneers. London Design Festival, UK.
September - October 2010

New Designers: Business Design Centre, London, UK.
June 2010

Treasure, Essence Ethical Jewellery Pavilion: London Jewellery Week, UK.
June 2010



::: Published

Paper Jewellery by A&C Black Publishers Ltd 2011, Edited by Sarah Kelly.



::: Education

2008 - 2010  MA Jewellery Design, Sir John Cass, London Metropolitan University.

1993 - 1996  BA Hons Graphic Design, Croydon College of Art & Design.



::: Work

‘Food for Thought’

What are you eating and how is it produced?
Industrial farming systems are highly productive but at what cost…

The Food for Thought series is a self-directed project that aims to provoke thought about the negative implications of industrial farming processes. The notion of ‘change’ is explored visually through modified generic figurative shapes.

I aim to create tension and a second look through the juxtaposition of mutated figures and the lightness and beauty of the materials used.

Codarin_1.jpg Antibiotic chicken pin.

Codarin_2.jpg 100,000 deaths a day necklace.

Codarin_5.jpg 4 calves then spent pin.

Codarin_3.jpg Baby for dinner necklace.

Honey Bee Pin

Codarin_6.jpgInterchangable paper disc and silver brooch.

Food for thought Badges



Work in Progress 1
Work in Progress 2




RITUAL - ‘It's not my fault’

It's not my Fault BroochesBrooches

It's not my fault BroochBrooch 1




Inspired by details in objects and marks made by indigenous hands. This work emanates a sense of tribal symbolism.

What tribe are you, where do your loyalties, priorities lie?

Materials: Reclaimed wood, ceramic, tagua nut, recycled silver and natural dyes.

Patterns Necklace


Patterns NecklaceNecklace2

Patterns NecklaceNecklace3

Patternd NecklaceNecklace4

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